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Anxiety & Depression Therapy

Anxiety and Depression Treatments through Counseling

Are you walking around like there is a dark cloud hanging over your head? Have you lost interest in activities you used to enjoy doing? Are you struggling with internal conflicts that cause you to feel anxious and confused? Do you feel like you are living in a silent despair? It may be time to seek professional help… 

Many people struggle with symptoms of anxiety and/or depression at some point in their lives and therapy allows for internal conflicts to be processed and tangible/intangible losses to be identified and grieved properly. 

Sometimes psychotherapy alone can be efficient in relieving symptoms; other times, if overall functioning is significantly impaired, combination treatment of psychopharmacology and psychotherapy may be indicated. When that it is the case, your therapist will assist you with referrals to local clinics, medical doctors or psychiatrists to make the necessary assessment and work collaboratively to support your mental health. 

Anxiety can create instability in a person’s entire day. It can negatively impact eating habits, interfere with sleep, and even manifest itself somatically through aches and pains. In more serious cases, it can start to interfere with one’s ability to leave their home. 

Today’s world imposes unrealistic expectations, impossible beauty standards, and pushes one’s mind against idealized images of different domains in a person’s life. This can engender significant anxiety in anyone who strive to achieve them. The constant pressure to stand out in the crowd along with our natural yearnings to belong, to be recognized, to be seen… any or all of it can become internal forces that generate conflict yielding in severe anxiety. 

Counseling can assist grounding yourself and reevaluating goals and objectives. It is a safe space to gain a deeper sense of self and the ability to express yourself in more authentic ways, freeing repressed parts of oneself that is being projected in the world around you. 

Anxiety doesn’t look the same for every person, though. For some it can be the result of external cultural and social forces being internalized. For others it can be the byproduct of environmental deficits in one’s formative years, which may accompany a person through adulthood, until adequate support is sought, and curative experiences obtained. 

Anxiety is also associated with existential crisis and the search for purpose and meaning. This can take place in any moment in one’s life. 

Anna Carolina Anjos

Whatever stressors you are facing or the source of your mood symptoms, it’s important to seek help. Call DaTerra Psychotherapy and Wellness and let one of our clinicians assist you make sense of where you are and understand how he or she can assist you get to where you want to be. Therapy can produce outcomes that reflect confidence, improved coping skills, and a search for joy in your life.

DaTerra Psychotherapy and Wellness provides a judgment-free safe space for you to feel heard and cared for in your struggles. Our approach is primarily humanistic and focuses on creating a corrective emotional experience with your therapist. He or she will assist you explore feelings and understand how intrusive thoughts are impacting you. The outcome of treatment tends to yield increased self-awareness so you can learn how your thought processes are affecting your day-to-day life. Our clinicians do have training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and are able to implement tools, when indicated, catering treatment to one’s individual needs. 

For those struggling to stay focused because of anxiety, and wanting to learn mindfulness techniques, such as meditation and focused-breathing exercises, our clinicians are able to share some interventions with clients on an as needed basis. 

How long will treatment last?


The intake is your first session, and it is usually a longer session that lasts 80 minutes. This session entails an entire biopsychosocial interview where your clinician will gather a history of your life, including family structure, formative years, traumatic incidents, major losses and events. He or she will also assess current functioning, symptomatology, goals and objectives of treatment. 

The following sessions last 50 to 55 minutes and are usually scheduled weekly. Some people may get the relief they need after just a few sessions. Others may require longer treatment to achieve the healing they seek depending on the depth of the wounds and or difficulties. Either way, we work from a strength based view of clients where we avoid pathologizing. That means that while your therapist will assist you identifying your vulnerabilities, he or she will also focus on the healthy aspects of your functioning and personality and help you tap into them in order to extrapolate that ability to other aspects of yourself. 

If I start, can I stop at anytime?

Yes, you can choose to terminate treatment at any time. We encourage clients to schedule a termination session, but they are not required. We only ask that cancellations be notified 48 to 24 hours prior to one’s appointment. Call us to find out more information or to schedule an appointment at 917.459.2463. You can also call Anna Carolina directly for New Jersey clients at (201)779-6743. 


We offer in person sessions at the Boca Raton office and the Newark office and online sessions for residents of New York, New Jersey and Florida with seasoned clinicians, supervised pre-licensed clinicians as well as Master level interns at different rates. 

Languages spoken by clinicians:

  • English and Brazilian-Portuguese: Boca Raton Office.

  • English, Brazilian-Portuguese: Newark Office. 


Current Master’s Level intern @ low-fee: Jessica Grotke @ $75/sessions and Vivian Pegas @ $100/sessions. Other appointments are $100/$120 session, including all intakes performed by them.  

Vivian Pegas
Jessica Grotke
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