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Christian Counseling

Do you want mental health counseling with a therapist with a Christian background?


At DaTerra Psychotherapy and Wellness there are two clinicians who have extensive experience as Christian Counselors but are also offering services without this frame-of-reference. This may be exactly what you are looking for: a clinician who understands your Christian religious values thoroughly yet has the non-faith-based psychology know-how to assist you gain further insight into your own struggles and psyche.


Do you feel faithful and connected to God yet struggle with existential issues? Are you in a state of silent despair?

If you’re struggling with your mental health, it may not be related to a disconnect from God. Overtime, a person may slowly disconnect from ONESELF. This may happen due to a series of environmental adjustments and trauma. Unresolved losses, tangible or intangible, may engender emotional and psychological reactions that need to be processed and integrated in order to allow a person to enjoy life fully.

If this is the case, DaTerra Psychotherapy and Wellness has clinicians with the right background to be of assistance to you and your family.  We provide a safe, judgment-free space to explore existential, relational and day-to-day issues without deviating from your faith-based principles

Boca Raton Office

Anxiety, Depression, Marital Problems… all issues may be explored in counseling from a Christian-based lens or a non-faith-based lens with a Mental Health Counselor informed by a Christian background. 

Historically, faith and depression may co-exist at different times in one’s life as existential issues may emerge. Nobody should struggle alone.  

Attending to one’s mental health is a sign of love for oneself.  

Self-care is important to fulfill one’s mission as a Christian. Thus, seeking counseling or mental health treatment is not contrary to one’s own values as spelled out in the Christian faith. And this is true despite existing stigma that still permeates some circles.  

You don’t want to hide from emotional pain as it tends to get worse overtime. Counseling can address existential crises, process losses, integrate trauma and work through finding meaning in life. 

Faith-Based Counseling or Mental Health Counseling with a therapist with deep understanding of Christian values and tradition may provide the safe space you need to restore JOY in life and heal the emotional wounds you have encountered. 

There is no reason to prolong emotional suffering. Professional support is available to address all issues in multiple domains of life that may be contributing to your distress. 

Josias da Silva, LMHC, has over two decades of experience working as a Christian Counselor. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in psychology in Brazil and completed two Master’s degrees in the USA: a Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling and a Master of Arts in Christianity and Culture. Today he teaches graduate level psychology courses in Florida. He sees clients at the Boca Raton office, and is licensed to see clients in NJ, which is done primarily online. Josias speaks English and Portuguese and is able to adjust to the Christian-faith based approach as much, or as little as, the client sees fit. Throughout his extensive career in the mental health field, he has assisted couples, teens and different generations within the immigrant community.  

Josias Da Silva
Ana Candido

Ana Candido completed her master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and is pre-licensed in the state of Florida. She will continue doing clinical work at DaTerra Psychotherapy and Wellness as she works towards independent licensure. She has over two decades of pastoral experience and the non-faith-based knowledge of counseling, both of which can be of assistance in her approach according to the client’s belief system. 

The Approach


A clinician with a Christian-faith based background is able to use an eclectic approach and cater treatment prioritizing the metaphors which shaped a client’s formative years and personality development.  The clinician is also able to assist the client to identify his or her relevant past in order to make the necessary connections to understand the elements informing the client’s present life, both from a strength/resource perspective inasmuch as vulnerabilities and distortions. 

First step towards wholeness… 

If you want to see Ana Candido, you can call her at (561) 886-8590.

The main number at DaTerra Psychotherapy and Wellness is always available during business hours as a first point of contact (917) 459-2463.

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