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Does your child or teen need help?

Do you feel your teen needs help and you don’t seem to be able to reach him/her? Do you feel overwhelmed trying to communicate and understand his or her needs? Do you feel that your teen is struggling to relate to peers at school and expresses social anxiety? 


It is very common for teens to feel misunderstood by adults, frequently reacting negatively to the well-intentioned attempts of contact from adults. 

This developmental stage is very unique in the number of changes, from a physiological to a psychological standpoint. There are various adjustments taking place. And from a parenting standpoint, it may be difficult to maintain the connection and communication channels stable. 

Teens are in an intense process of self-discovery from an identity standpoint. Many teens often struggle to keep up with all these changes, which is why they’re at risk for developing depression, anxiety, and negative self-image issues. Some teens may turn to destructive habits to help themselves cope, such as isolating into their room, overuse of technology to, in more extreme cases, cutting (self-injury), alcohol or drug use. 

The relationship with parents may become compromised at times depending on how understood (or not) the teen feels. Thus, parental support is key to teens' mental and emotional growth. 

Play therapy office

Counseling For Teens 

Teens tend to respond well to counseling over time as they find it a positive outlet for their emotions. It allows them to organize their internal world by expressing themselves in a confidential, safe, non-judgmental space.  While parents may be curious about the counseling process, teens do have the right to confidentiality which is an important element to the positive outcome of treatment. 

With that said, therapists encourage teens to include their parents in the process, after the initial phase of treatment, by having family sessions that address communication and connection within the family system. 

In sessions, the clinician will help your teenager explore the root causes of suffering and develop strategies for regulating their emotions. They will discuss the effects of excessive exposure to technology and any maladaptive coping mechanism the therapist identifies.  The therapist will teach communication skills, relaxation techniques, and tips for conflict resolution. 

Our therapists use a combination of psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) interventions to achieve the best results, according to the needs of each teen. 

At DaTerra Psychotherapy and Wellness, in the Boca Raton office, we have Ana Candido, RMHC-I, who treats teens and children ages 5+.

Play Therapy

*Our Florida Office is equipped for play therapy.

Counseling for Teens
Play Therapy
Play Therapy

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” ~ Stacia Tauscher

At the Newark office, Anna Carolina has extensive experience treating teens. She has a kind approachable demeanor that tends to yield a strong rapport with teens, supporting and encouraging development of a sense of self and responsibility. 


Anna Carolina Anjos

We hold a waiting list for small group therapy programs where they can discuss their struggles with depression, social anxiety, and self-esteem or body-image issues. Let us know if your teen would like to be added to the list and we will notify you when a new group begins. They tend to be small four (4) to six (6) members and $85/session. The group can be held in person in the Boca Raton office or online. The Newark office does not offer in-person group sessions at the moment. 

Call DaTerra Psychotherapy at (917)459-2463, or directly at the Newark office: Anna Carolina at (201) 779-6743.

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